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Java Platform, Standard Edition Troubleshooting Guide
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12.3 Java 2D Printing

This section describes some issues that can arise with Java 2D printing and suggests causes and solutions.

Also, see the Printing questions in the Java 2D FAQ.

  1. Issue 1 - JRE crashes during printing on Windows.

    Cause: The JRE uses Windows printer drivers and they might have problems.

    Solution: Upgrade the Windows printer driver for the printer that is being used.

  2. Issue 2 - The printing seems to be successful, bu the job does not print on Windows.

    Cause: Some jobs fail to properly spool to the printer.

    Solution: In the printer driver properties, disable Advanced Printing Options.

  3. Issue 3 - The print dialog takes a long time to appear on Windows.

    Cause: Applications might cause the JRE to probe all printers, including those that are disconnected.

    Solution: Look for disconnected or unreachable network printers and remove them from the list of printers.

  4. Issue 4 - PrintJob.printDialog() shows no service found error on Oracle Solaris and Linux.

    Cause: The cause is one of the following:

    • The lpc utility is not in the /usr/sbin directory.

    • The lpstat utility is not in the /usr/sbin directory.

    Solution: Install lpc and lpstat in the standard location, as mentioned above.

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