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Java Platform, Standard Edition Troubleshooting Guide
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Latest OpenGL Drivers

Since the OpenGL pipeline relies heavily on the OpenGL API and the underlying graphics hardware and drivers, it is very important to ensure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed on your machine. Drivers can be downloaded from your graphics card manufacturer's web site, as shown in the following table.

Manufacturer Platforms Cards Known to Work
ATI Linux, Windows Radeon 8500 and above, FireGL series
Nvidia Oracle Solaris on x64, Linux, Windows GeForce 2 series and above, Quadro FX series and above
Oracle Oracle Solaris on SPARC Expert3D series, XVR-500, XVR-600, XVR-1200, XVR-2500
Xi Graphics Oracle Solaris on x86, Linux Various (check with Xi Graphics)

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