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Java Platform, Standard Edition Troubleshooting Guide
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7.3 Signal Chaining

If an application with native code requires its own signal handlers, then it might need to be used with the signal chaining facility. The signal chaining facility offers the following features:

Note: SIGUSR1 cannot be chained. If an application attempts to chain this signal on Oracle Solaris operating system, then the HotSpot VM terminates with a fatal error as shown in Example 7-3.

Example 7-3 HotSpot VM Fatal Error

Signal chaining detected for VM interrupt signal, try -XX:+UseAltSigs

Also, the SIGQUIT, SIGTERM, SIGINT, and SIGHUP signals cannot be chained. If the application needs to handle these signals, consider using the -Xrs option.

On Oracle Solaris operating system, the SIGUSR2 signal can be chained only for non-Java and non-VM threads (that is, it can only be used for native threads created by applications that do not attach to the VM).

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