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Java SE Monitoring and Management Guide

October 2006

+ Document Information


+ 1.  Overview of Java SE Monitoring and Management

+ 2.  Monitoring and Management Using JMX Technology

- 3.  Using JConsole

Starting JConsole

Command Syntax

Setting up Local Monitoring

Setting up Remote Monitoring

Setting up Secure Remote Monitoring

Connecting to a JMX Agent

Dynamic Attach

Connecting JConsole to a Local Process

Connecting JConsole to a Remote Process

Connecting Using a JMX Service URL

Presenting the JConsole Tabs

Viewing Overview Information

Saving Chart Data

Monitoring Memory Consumption

Heap and Non-Heap Memory

Memory Pools and Memory Managers

Garbage Collection

Monitoring Thread Use

Detecting Deadlocked Threads

Monitoring Class Loading

Viewing VM Information

Monitoring and Managing MBeans

Constructing the MBean Tree

MBean Attributes

MBean Operations

MBean Notifications

HotSpot Diagnostic MXBean

Creating Custom Tabs

+ 4.  Using the Platform MBean Server and Platform MXBeans

+ 5.  SNMP Monitoring and Management

+ A.  Additional Security Information For Microsoft Windows

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