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Java SE Monitoring and Management Guide

October 2006

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+ 1.  Overview of Java SE Monitoring and Management

+ 2.  Monitoring and Management Using JMX Technology

+ 3.  Using JConsole

- 4.  Using the Platform MBean Server and Platform MXBeans

Using the Platform MBean Server

Accessing Platform MXBeans

Accessing Platform MXBeans via the ManagementFactory Class

Accessing Platform MXBeans via an MXBean Proxy

Accessing Platform MXBeans via the MBeanServerConnection Class

Using Oracle JDK's Platform Extension

Accessing MXBean Attributes Directly

Accessing MXBean Attributes via MBeanServerConnection

Monitoring Thread Contention and CPU Time

Managing the Operating System

Logging Management

Detecting Low Memory

Memory Thresholds

Usage Threshold

Collection Usage Threshold

Memory MXBean

Memory Pool MXBean


Threshold Notifications

+ 5.  SNMP Monitoring and Management

+ A.  Additional Security Information For Microsoft Windows

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