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Java Platform, Standard Edition Troubleshooting Guide
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11.2 Windows OS - DirectDraw/GDI Pipeline

The default pipeline on the Windows platform is a mixture of the DirectDraw pipeline and the GDI pipeline, where some operations are performed with the DirectDraw pipeline and others with the GDI pipeline. DirectDraw and GDI APIs are used for rendering to accelerated offscreen and onscreen surfaces.

Starting with the Java SE 6 release, when the application enters full-screen mode, the new Direct3D pipeline can be used, if the drivers satisfy the requirements. Possible issues with the Direct3D pipeline include rendering artifacts, crashes, and performance related problems.

An additional pipeline, the OpenGL pipeline, might offer greater performance in some configurations.

The following are three cases to troubleshoot issues with Direct3D pipeline such as, rendering artifacts, crashes, and performance related problems.

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