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Java Platform, Standard Edition Troubleshooting Guide
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11.3 Windows OS - Direct3D Pipeline in Full-Screen Mode

Starting with the Java SE 6 release, the Direct3D pipeline uses the Direct3D API for rendering. This pipeline is enabled in full-screen mode by default, if the drivers support the required features and the level of rendering quality.

It is possible to enable the Direct3D pipeline or to force its use, as described in the subsections below.

Consider enabling the Direct3D pipeline for your application if it makes heavy use of rendering operations such as alpha compositing, antialiasing, and transforms.

However, use caution when deciding to enable this pipeline in your application. For example, some built-in video chipsets (which are used in most notebooks) do not perform well using Direct3D, even if they satisfy the quality requirements for Java 2D pipelines.

The following are three cases to troubleshoot problems with Direct3D API.

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